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Trees Under power lines

Tree Planting
Whether it's Spring, Summer or Fall, if you are planning to work on your landscaping, remember these tips.

Planting Trees For Efficiency:
Deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves in the winter) are best planted on the west or southwest side. There they will provide shade in the summer, Helping to cool the building.

Choosing Trees

Plant small trees at least 25 feet away from power poles.
Flowering trees including dogwood, red bud crap-apple, low or high head flowering plum, Bradford flowering plum, small fruit trees and small cedars like an arbovite.

Medium sized trees should be kept at least 40 feet away from power lines

In the winter, the bare branches of these trees will will let sunshine through to provide warmth.

Evergreens planted on the North and west can help shield outside walls from winds in the winter. This can reduce your heating costs.

How trees affect Electrical service
Tree limbs can short circuit your electricity if they rub against your power lines. This may cause your lights to flicker or digital clocks to stop. The best way to ensure your trees never rub on your lines is to do some simple planning before you plant.

Medium sized trees:
Sugar maple,
Norway maple,
Summerset maple,
Autumn fantasy maple,
Oak trees (Keep trimmed).

Large trees should be kept at least 60 feet away from power lines:
Pine (all kinds),
Pin oak,
Valley oak,
Sweet gum,
Alee elm,
Sycamore (all types),
Modesto ash,
Raywood ash,
Crape myrtle
and others