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Antelope Valley TreeFarm  
Memorial Tree's for deceased individuals 
and events for Children, Communities and Organizations


The AV TreeFarm will donate 100 trees a year to the STAP Memorial 501(3)c organization, memorial trees to families or individuals who have suffered a death close to them and wish to plant a tree to Commemorate the life of the fallen.

All requests shall be reviewed by our directors and we will try to notify you of the results in 5 days of receiving the request (Please note: there are no requirements to request a TREE, only a need for a loved one)

One tree per family or one per deceased can be obtained Free as long as supplies last, by sending a letter, e-mail or postcard to:

STAP Memorial
18348 west ave D #5
Lancaster, CA 93536

E-mail Click Here

    1. Describe the type of tree requested and when it is needed. 
        Trees are available on an "available only" basis (if it is in stock), trees requested that are not in stock can not be furnished.
    2. Trees must be picked out and be retrieved at the AV TreeFarm in person. Loaded and transported by person picking up the tree 
         (we do not ship)
    3. Trees are available in sizes of "starter tubes", one gallon", "5 gallon" only. 
            a. If a larger tree is required a "donation " may be needed to cover the manpower costs of handling the tree, 
            b. if more than one tree is requested a donation may be in order to cover the cost of production.

Events for Communities, Children and organizations
STAP Memorial will review all requests for Communities and Organizations on a case by case basis.
    We will review request for the following reasons:
        1. Fallen Veterans and soldiers killed in combat or service of their country.
        2. Police, Fire and CHP officers killed in the line of duty.
        3. Tree planting ceremonies commemorating an occasion,
individual or activity. (Schools, Churches, Ceremonies etc:)
        4. Children and children services (county, city or state agency)
        5. Deceased family members. (Friends, family and pets)