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Aleppo Pine
Pinus Halepensis

Aleppo Pine
Pinus Halepensis


Available in 
5 gal,   15 gal,    24in box,    36 in box
Zone 7 (0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit)
Trees are tender when young. Thrives in desert heat, drought & wind.
Also good at the seashore. Tolerates poor soils & difficult arid climates.

Native to:
Mediterranean region

Drought tolerant:
Semi-hardy when established.

Growth Habits:
Open irregular crown of many short ascending branches. Attractive tree at 2 years, rugged tree at 5 years old. Standard desert pine, however it does well along the coast.

Rate of Growth:
Moderate to fast. 12' to 20' in 5 years. 30' to 60' at maturity

Root System:
Deep rooted

More Common Pests:
Aphid, Subject to mites in Southern California

To control the more common pests:
Apply an Ultra Fine Spray Oil such as "Sunspray"

Use a general-purpose fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 3/1/2. Apply as instructed on the package, normally in the spring and the fall.

Watering while in the container:
Do not allow the soil to dry out. Keep moist by watering daily. Water enough for drainage through the bottom drain holes. Misting does not provide enough moisture to be a benefit.

Watering when in the ground
Surface and deep root watering is recommended every day in the summer and every 2nd or 3rd day in the winter

Using hand or hedge shears keep pruned to the desired shape. Prune in May and in September.

Pines require full sun.

Pest Control:
Use the appropriate insecticide for the pests that you are treating for, following the instructions on the container. Only use insecticides when needed.