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Deodara Cedar
Cedrus deodara



DEODAR CEDAR (California Christmas Tree)
Cedrus deodara

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DEODAR CEDAR (California Christmas Tree)
Cedrus deodara

Zone 7 (0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit)

Native to:

Drought tolerant:
Fair, once established. Water weekly

Pyramidal shape, lower branches sweep to the ground, then turn upwards. Upper branches openly spaced. Prefers moist, but not wet, soil conditions. Very clean tree with no known pests or diseases. Long lived.

Rate of Growth:
Fast to 70' tall at maturity, with 40 foot spread.

Root System:
Medium rooted.

More Common Pests:
None known.

Watering while in the container:
Do not allow the soil to dry out. Keep moist by watering daily. Water enough for drainage through the bottom drain holes. Misting does not provide enough moisture to be a benefit.

Watering while in the Ground:
When first placed in the ground the root ball should be kept damp or moist, this can be don with deep root watering (pipe in the ground under the roots). Summer should be once a day for the first year and winter every 2nd or 3rd day. See Transplanting to the ground

Use a general-purpose fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 3/1/2. Apply as instructed on the package, normally in the spring and the fall.

Best left in a natural state, however you can prune lightly to shape. Prune in May and in September.

Pest Control:
Use the appropriate insecticide for the pests that you are treating for, following the instructions on the container. Only use insecticides when needed.

Requires full sun.

Transplanting to the Ground:
Plant using a good sandy loam soil mixture mixed and with native soil. Prepare a hole twice as large as the rootball, loosen bottom soil and plant so that the top of the rootball is level with the existing ground level. The root system needs air and this is supplied by the surface roots. Immediately after planting, water well, then follow the above watering instructions until the roots have spread (approximately 1 month). Slowly begin to increase the length of time between waterings to once per week. Remember to water deeply to encourage the roots to grow downward.

Transplanting to another container:
When transplanting to another container use the next largest size. Select a container that has drain holes. Plant using good sandy loam soil mixture. Do not plant the root ball any deeper that it is planted in the current container. The root system needs air and this is supplied by the surface roots. Water tree well, immediately after planting, then follow the above watering instructions of keeping the soil moist by watering daily.

To protect trees from colder temperatures than what is recommended through "Sunset Garden Book", an antitranspirant may be applied to help the tree tolerate temperatures of 3 degrees lower than they might otherwise.